Top Best Feeders for Pet Birds

Translated by Nick R

Feeders are an essential item in our bird’s cage, but not all of them meet their needs, either because of their size, ease of installation, the amount of food they can contain, or their material. Here you’ll learn about the best feeders for your winged pet.

Why is it important to choose a good feeder? 

The feeders are where you’ll put the base diet of your bird, that is, there will be its main source of food other than fruits, vegetables or insects and water.

How to choose a good feeder? 

The best materials are made of plastic and stainless or surgical steel. Also, take into account the size of the feeder.

  • It should not take up much space in the cage and ideally be placed outside.
  • It must be slightly larger than your pet’s beak to make it easy for him to pick up the seeds.
  • Take into account the number of birds that will eat from it. In aviaries or pens, the feeders should be larger, automatic or multiple so that all birds can have access to the food.
  • Take into account the amount of food it can hold and the size of the seeds.

Types of bird feeders  

Plastic cups 

Capacity8 oz. (236ml) o 12 oz. (354ml)

This type of feeder is simple and small. It’s made of plastic and has a semicircle shape, the different presentations come with a capacity of 8 oz. (236ml) to 12 oz. (354ml). It also has two hooks to adjust it to the horizontal bars.

One point against this feeder is the lack of a perch to facilitate the bird’s access to the feed, so you will have to make use of an extra perch to allow the bird to eat.

Seed Barn  

MaterialPlastic/ stainless steel
Capacity– 12.7 cm long- 10.16 cm wide- 11.43 cm high

This feeder is perfect for those who have birds with messy eating habits, often leaving bits of seed scattered around their cage.

The seed feeder will provide a whole unique space for your bird to eat, as it is located at the entrance of the cage. Its box shape makes it ideal for your winged friend to get into it and take the food in the 5 cm deep gap.

This feeder is 12.7 cm long by 10.16 cm wide and 11.43 cm high. That’s important to know if it fits the size of the cage entrance, from where you will have to open the grid and hook it with the help of the two hooks of the feeder.

It is made of plastic and has stainless steel hooks.

Ideal for small birds such as canaries, goldfinches, zebra finches, and cockatiels, among others.

You can also place it inside the cage, but it will probably take up a lot of space.

Feeder with two or three slots 

Dimensions– 21 cm long- 8.5 cm wide- 6.5 cm high

This type of feeder is one of the most common; it’s made of polycarbonate and measures 21 cm long by 8.5 cm wide and 6.5 cm high.

This type of bird feeder is divided into three or two compartments and sometimes it has a lid to reduce the amount of food your bird can spill.

Additionally, they have a small perch that will make it easier for your birds to perch on it and eat peacefully.

It can also be hung inside the horizontal bars of the cage and won’t take up much space as it is suitable for small birds.

Cup feeder with cover 

Dimensions– 10 cm high- 11 cm long- 8.5 cm wide
Capacity4 oz. (29ml)

This type of feeder is similar to the previous one. It’s made of plastic and the only difference is that it has a single seat and the cover is about 5 cm high, with a wide opening and a small perch for your bird to take the food easily.

It has a large plastic hook to place it inside the cage, ideal for smaller birds.

Stainless steel cup  

MaterialStainless steel
Average capacity10 oz. (295ml)

This type of feeder is versatile, as it not only works for food, but also for water. Best of all, it works for larger birds such as parrots or cockatoos, which can destroy plastic feeders with their large, strong beaks.

This feeder is made of stainless steel and can be found in different sizes at your nearest pet store, but the average size is 10 oz. (259 ml).

It is worth noting that this feeder, contrary to the previous ones, doesn’t have a hook to hang from the cage rods, but has a butterfly clamp held by a screw, which must be placed between the cage bars and adjusted with the help of the butterfly.

Automatic pen feeder 

MaterialPlastic/stainless steel
Dimensions16 cm high10.6 cm wide 9 cm long

This type of feeder is similar in shape to the barn feeder since one of its purposes is reducing the dripping that your birds might do. It is made of plastic too. However, it has other particularities such as:

  • A tank with one or two compartments in which you can add mixtures or small seeds.
  • A compartment at the base to collect all the seed waste left by your bird when it eats.
  • A clamp with a wing nut for those who wish to place the feeder from outside the cage.
  • Two hooks to place it inside the cage.
  • The sizes of this feeder are 16 cm high, 10.6 cm wide, and 9 cm long. The opening for your birds to eat is 7.6 cm high.

Automatic feeder with dispenser 

Dimensions– 4 cm long3.81 cm wide13.2 cm high
Capacity2.4 oz. (70ml)

This type of feeder is similar to some drinkers because they can also be used for that purpose.

Most are cylindrical or semicircular with a capacity of 2.4 oz. (56.8ml), divided into two parts, which are the tank or bottle and the dispenser lid that has a small opening for your bird to have access to the food.

It is installed into the cage using the opening of the feeder, to be inserted between the bars of the cage, which should have a space of 2.54 cm approximately.

Remember that this feeder is intended only for small seeds such as birdseed or black seed.

Feeders for foraging 

Foraging is a habit activity of some animals, among them parrots (Psittacidae) that consist of looking for food on the ground or in corners, where they dig, scratch or tear. This activity is important as part of their wild behavior and ensures their welfare. To do so, you must make use of some toys or accessories, here we tell you some of them.

Cage-shaped forage feeder 

MaterialStainless steel
Dimensions10.4cm long10.4cm wide9.9cm high

This accessory is ideal to keep fresh fruits and vegetables in it to test your parrot’s skills for reaching the food. It’s made of stainless steel and has a chain so you can hang it wherever your winged friend may be.

To use it, open the top part of the feeder, which is fastened with a screw, and add the food of your choice; it can hold any finely chopped food.

  • This feeder is hexagonal in shape.
  • Spiral feed holder or basket

Spiral food holder or basket 

MaterialStainless steel
Dimensions25cm high

This support is easier to use than the previous one and holds much more food thanks to its 25 cm height. It is also made of stainless steel and has a small chain and a hook that can be placed anywhere.


  • Remember to keep the feeders clean as they can retain moisture which can spoil the seeds and food.
  • The tank feeders should be used for cages with a large number of birds since the seeds can be damaged by being exposed to light or humidity for a long time.
  • Most birds need other food sources to eat a balanced diet, so be cautious about the amount of seed your bird eats, especially if your feeder stores a lot of food.
  • Fresh, moist foods such as fruits and vegetables cannot be kept for more than 12 hours as they will be damaged and may retain bacteria or viruses in them that can harm your birds.
  • Remember to clean the feeders very well before using them for the first time, since they may contain chemicals or dirt from their storage and distribution to the stores where you bought them, you can do it with boiled water.

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